I will make a statement on ceasefire on march

I am going to make a statement on on if there is hope for a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question.

If there will be a development that we hope I will say there is still hope for a democratic solution and we will continue our struggle. If there is none I will give up my role. Everybody will make their own decisions then. I will make a decision about the fate of the ceasefire in March.

We have no intention to seperate Kurdish land from Turkey and he favors unity and democratic solution to the Kurdish Question. We are trying to build a democratic nation.We will continue our struggle under the name of 'Democratic Nation Constitution. We will organize a conference for this.

I call all Kurdish political powers to organize a national conference and create the national unity for Kurdish people.

If Turkey wants him to stop the armed struggle and take role to end the 30 year old conflict his conditions must be met.

A popular resistance like in Egypt and Tunisia if Turkey fails to take positive steps.

There are significant political powers who are opposed to a solution to the Kurdish Question and counted governing Justice and Development Party and England among them.

I'd like to send my condolences to the family of Mustafa Malçok who set his body on fire to protest the capture  But I don't want such protests.

The government suspended talks not us

Abdullah Ocalan - 12.10.2011

Boycotting Parliament right decision!

Abdullah Ocalan, 24.06.2010

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