AKP should end provocations

Abdullah Ocalan, March 24, 2011

Turkish government to end oppresive politics and provocations in Kurdish region...The latest arrests, pressure on press institutions and attacks against protestors in Kurdish region are all planned by Turkish government and Turkish police to provoke Kurds.

Reminding of Turkey's atrocracies in Kurdish region for the last 30 years it's unethical to make harsh statements against BDP deputees who showed reactions to Turkish police.

These provocations are very dangerous and if he doesn't stop a large scale conflict can break our in the region...AKP is trying to crash Kurdish political struggle by using courts and gave the ongoing so called KCK trials as an example.

Use of law replaced contr-guerilla tactics and unlawful executions against Kurdish political parties. They send every single person who says something to prison. They ignore our right to make democratic polics

The attendance of newroz shows nothing will stop Kurdish people's will.

They demand a constitution in which basic rights of every citizen is guaranteed regardless of ethnic origin.

I am for democracy, democratic constitution and a peaful solution to the Kurdish Question.

The government suspended talks not us

Abdullah Ocalan - 12.10.2011

Boycotting Parliament right decision!

Abdullah Ocalan, 24.06.2010

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