Haki Karer

PKK was established in 1978 after the death of Haki Karer

"He never hesitated to pick up his belongings and come to our country with which he was not familiar but grasped the necessity of revolution in Kurdistan. There have been many days when he was broken but continued to struggle by working as a porter. Those who know him well enough never forget that he wore the most worn-out clothes and lived on a single meal for months that consisted of  a simple breakfast. He was an inspiration for the people around him to eliminate all problems".Abdullah Ocalan

Haki Karer was born in 1950 in Ordu, Ulubey, where he completed his primary and high school education.  Then he went to Ankara University, Faculty of Science.


Influenced by the revolutionary youth movement that developed after 1970s, Haki Karer quickly adobted revolutionary ideas. He met Kemal Pir and Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan during the same period.


He went to Batman and then to Dilok upon the decision to return to Kurdistan taken in the Dikmen meeting in 1976. Haki Karer was massacred in Dilok by the counter revolutionary organisation named STERKA SOR that was operating under the control of MIT.


Karer had been invited to take part in a discussion by Alaattin Kapan, a STERKA SOR member on 18 May 1977. This was a trap prepared to massacre Karer. Karer was massacred while sitting at a coffee-shop.

The Second Major Sexual Rupture

Millennia after the establishment of patriarchy (what I call the “first major sexual rupture”) women were once again dealt a blow from which they are still struggling to recover.

PKK 11th congress Declaration of the Central Committee of the PKK

The “victory and final congress” for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people was attended by 125 delegates coming from abroad and four parts of Kurdistan.

Zeynep Kinaci (Zilan)

"The reason for my actions is my love for human beings and for life!" Zilan

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