Democratic Modernity:Era of Woman’s Revolution

To Our Peoples And The Publıc Opınıon

To Our Peoples and The Public Opinion

To Our Peoples And The Public Opinion

Jineolojî as the science of woman

Killing the dominant male: Instituting the Third Major Sexual Rupture against the dominant male

Economy and Women

Capitalism and Women

To Our Peoples and The Public Opinion

Women’s situation in the Kurdish society

Family, dynasty and state


The Second Major Sexual Rupture

All slavery is based on housewifisation

How patriarchal authority became deep-rooted

The First Major Sexual Rupture

An Open Letter To ‘The Guardian’

Press Release of KCK on MIT 19.01.2014

Women’s Revolution: Neolithic Era

To Our Peoples and the Public!

Bese Hozat: PKK is a social system today

To Our Peoples And The Public Opinion

To our peoples and the public opinion

PKK 11th congress Declaration of the Central Committee of the PKK

PKK : Rojava revolution must be expanded to other parts of Kurdistan

To Our Peoples And The Publıc Opınıon

To Our Peoples And the Publıc Opınıon

A profound democratic reform should be initiated by mid-Octobe

Suspect not known to PKK

Ideological Foundations of the Nation-State

The Nation-State Can Never Be a Solution

Worrying Developments in the Region

Urgent Public Statement

The Process: Where Are We?

Civilization as Ecological Destruction

The Spirit of 1968 and the Apoist Youth Movement

The Life Support Machine of the Age of Finance: Terrorism!

The Family, Hierarchy and the State

The Third Way in Syria

The Republic’s Capitalist Modernity Project and Emergence of the PKK

An Outlook

A Brief Historical Backdrop of the Kurdish Problematique­*

Briefly On Socialism

In Memory of the Martyrs of Socialism

The Industrial Revolution and Scientific Socialism

On Methodology and the Regime of Truth -3-

Time Magazine and the West’s Perception

Dear Members of the Press;

The Process of Democratic Solution and the Socialist Struggle in Turkey

Humanity, Sociality and the Universe

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