To Our Peoples and The Public Opinion

The people of Kurdistan will never forget the massacres of Halabja, Dersim, Zilan and the massacres in East Kurdistan...

To Our Peoples And The Public Opinion

Terrorist bandits carried out a nefarious attack on the municipality of Qamishlo yesterday. We pay our grateful tribute to the martyrs and offer our condolences to their families.

To Our Peoples and The Public Opinion

On the 15th anniversary of the conspiracy, we should also take a stance against those who have distorted and montaged Leader APO’s dialogues in Imrali and have attacked the moral values of our movement and our peoples.

To Our Peoples And The Publıc Opınıon

With the implicit approval of the KDP administration, ditches are being dug on the South Kurdistan’s (KRG) border with Rojava.


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